1-1: Starting with a Dream

Storytellers say to never start a story with a dream. It’s bad form. Cliché. A bait and switch for the audience.

But, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. Because my story starts with a dream. Or well, the important part of my story does. It even has this fancy bit of glowy void and all, just like you’d imagine a dream would have.


Of course, I have a story before this story, but none of it’s all that interesting. It must not be, cuz I don’t rightly remember it. Maybe one day I’ll fill in the blanks to my past, but today’s not that day.

Let’s just start with this dream. Continue reading

Introducing: Moon Keeper’s Journal

Welcome to the FFXIV Role Play Fanfic blog for Zuri Nimat! I plan on following my character’s adventures in fictional form here in this blog, and mirrored on the Moon Keeper’s Journal on Tumblr.

After reorganizing my characters for the start of 2017, I decided to change my long-time main character (created in Sept 2013) to another name/race, and re-roll Zuri as a RP alt character. Back when the game first launched, you couldn’t take screenshots during cut-scenes, so it was really hard to capture the full story of a new character. Thankfully, that’s a feature that’s changed!

Re-rolling is going to allow me to start at the beginning and hopefully figure out who Zuri is as a character, something that’s been eluding me for many years. I also really need a creative slant to MMOs that I play to keep me from feeling burned out on content. So, I hope this will help out with that.

This is all going to be a very casual and laid back project, so there’s no update schedule or anything. I’ll try to keep it current and interact here and on Tumblr. Thanks for reading and feel free to follow!